Individual Learning Styles

Children absorb information in a variety of ways. We call these ways learning styles. Your child’s learning style may be auditory, visual, tactile/or kinesthetic. Learning style means your child’s brain has a preferred way to accept the information taught and move it into long term memory. Knowing how your child learns is the first step in developing successful teaching strategies! “Born To Be Great” assess the learning styles of our students and then we adapt our instruction to best fit each student’s learning style; thus maximizing achievement. 

Auditory learners

learn best through listening. They prefer musical tapes, listening to letter sounds and rhyming words. 


Visual learners

learn best through seeing. They prefer sound picture associations, and the use of pictures with stories or objects to count. 


Tactile/kinesthetic learners

learn best when they can have hands-on experiences. They enjoy moving to music, or using blocks, Legos, and computers.